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August 31st, 2013, 04:52 PM
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After years of WTTC/ talking about not having bio children we are finally NTNP! I consider it a victory.

I'm not actively TTC right now only because we have a cruise in early December. I have horrible motion sickness so on past trips I've taken nondrowsy Dramamine from before we boarded our first plane until we arrived home. With my history I don't know if I'd be comfortable taking anything other than ginger and maybe use the acupressure wristband. Neither have worked all that well for me in the past, so it could make for a pretty uncomfortable trip. Since we've been planning and dreaming about it for over a year and DH is especially looking forward to it I don't feel right pushing for a pregnancy before we leave.
On the other hand, DH and I have gone back and forth so much over the idea of another pregnancy that I wouldn't mind getting pregnant asap before he changes his mind again. In the long run I can live with a less than stellar vacation if it means I finally get to raise a child.

Mary Elizabeth stillborn at 26 weeks
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