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August 31st, 2013, 06:10 PM
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Oh my! That is a lot of Redbull!!!! It is recommended to not exceed 200mg of caffeine a day. That is approximately the equivalent of 5 cans of coke, 8 standard sized chocolate bars, or two (new) small coffees from Tim Hortons...just to give an idea...I went insane with research last time because I love coffee...oddly enough, I go off it early in pregnancy....I already can't even stand the smell of it lol. Based on Wikipedia, each regular sized can of Redbull contains she;s drinking about 320mg a day. Within 'normal' limits for a healthy adult (400mg)...but above the recommended limit for pregnant women.

3 more sleeps now Caroline!

Word to the not travel the 401 on long weekends....a drive that normally takes us 2 hours took 3. And on the way home there was a big accident on the OTHER side of the highway and we were backed up because everyone was rubber necking. Cam did great in the car again...not as good as last time, but still pretty good Not doing that drive again for a while! We went and told my grandparents our news. My Nana said...'You know how you can prevent that, right?'...and I said 'Yup' and she said ok....and then that she was thrilled lol...I think she wanted to make sure we were good about it. Her first two boys (my dad and uncle) are 20 months apart as well, so really she can't say anything. Then off to visit my Papa in the hospital (he was having some lung trouble, but is being released shortly, it was touch and go for a bit though)...he is ECSTATIC. He was like 'I guess I'll have to stick around for that then, eh?' lol. My Grandmother almost fell over she was SOOOOOOO excited. So all in all a good trip
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