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August 31st, 2013, 07:42 PM
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Sorry that I have been MIA ladies. After I had my DD I developed a bad case of the baby blues. For me it was hard to get on here because I was struggling emotionally. When I noticed my baby blues were not going away I contacted my OB and he gave me medicine for postpartum depression. It sucked that I had to stop BF to go on the medicine but I feel 100x better. So over all I am happy I did speak up to my OB. For me I think the stress of BF and feeling like I was failing didn't help matters. The constant questioning of is she full, is she eating enough, etc... really started to play with my head even though she was gaining proper weight.

My DD is now just over 2months old and a great baby. She is already on a good schedule with her sleeping and eating, though every day is far from perfect. She is right around 11lbs and I feel like she is growing way to fast. She is only waking at most 2x thru the night. She is a really easy going baby. The only times she seems to cry/fuss is if she needs food or wants me. Since my husband has went back to work he has only had 4days off this month working 10hour nights, she has become very attached to me. She also adores her big sister. She lays and watches her run around. She has been a big help to me also with her little sister.

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