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August 31st, 2013, 08:37 PM
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Dang two houses struck? That's such an off thing.

UM, my flight would have went out the door also. I'm pretty calm for the most part, and fairly slow to anger, but when it comes to kids, my kids, my friends kids, families kids. I can let my mouth get away from me. I almost got arrested at a park once where my kids and bunch of kids friends were playing. Now the lady did exaggerate...sorda.It was funny cause all the older kids were calling back to the house, and the men got there in time to cool me down and just as the police arrived. Don't even get me started on the police, at one point the condescending ***** if an officer looked at me and asked if I was from Cali, so I said yes, she asked what part and I told her and she looked at me and said "We don't tolerate the ghetto California attitude up here." I swear I bit my tongue so hard it was darn near bleeding. I really wanted ti show her just how ghetto this Cali girl can get lol

Not much here, the kids went to the zoo with my MIL, and I went and got Ted's med's.
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