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August 31st, 2013, 11:12 PM
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Originally Posted by IronMamma View Post
Just to let you ladies know there is a TON of socialization with Home School. Many people I have talked too have told me that is their number one worry, and it should not be. There are tons of weekly and daily groups that get together, at the zoo, parks, the store, library or what have you. I personally think Home School is better because kids are less likely to be influenced by things and if he or she is stuck on something you can spend however long it takes for them to understand it. It's kinda hard when you have 30 other kids who get it to stay on it for one kid. I am not knocking public school at all. DH and I both graduated from them, and so did all of my siblings. I worked with three girls before I got pregnant and they were all Home Schooled and they all love it. I am not bashing anyone! Just know, that in Home School, socialization is not an issue.
Yeah, if we had a zoo, park, store, or library, maybe there would be opportunity for socialization, but we don't... there just isn't any options for Arthur to be around groups of kids outside of a public school setting. It's one of those things that really does work better in some areas than in others. I would have really liked to homeschool, but it wouldn't be fair to my kids.

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