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September 1st, 2013, 10:18 PM
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I have a lot of negative judgements towards the writer of this article. But suffice to say, she wasn't doing it right. She should have either gotten help and solved the problem head on, or just cut her losses and quit and not looked back. I guess she turned defeat into victory by writing an annoying Stir article that got all of our clicks

If I worked full time, I would probably end up using a compostable diaper service (we have that locally to me now) and paying through the nose for it, but the time savings would be worth it if I was working full time. As a SAHM, diaper laundry is no big deal at all since I am around the house often enough to move things through. We have an HE FLer and the wash cycle for diapers takes like 3 hours, it would suck to deal with doing those loads on my nights and weekends off from a full time job.

I am not really willing to compromise on the massive waste disposal issue that Ashlee brought up, but a compostable service is an environmentally acceptable alternative to cloth, to me. It just costs like $100 a month!!! OUCH

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