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September 1st, 2013, 10:35 PM
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When M was a little baby and we moved to this town, I joined a mommy Meetup group, that later migrated to FB, and now we've accumulated a lot more members of kids of various ages (mostly toddlers though). It's a great place to share info and meet some new families, we've organized some small playgroups through it as well as larger BBQs and outings. It ebbs and flows with how active it is, and I've been wanting to get more active in it and go to more events or even host one, but with my injury I'm waiting a little longer. I need to get regular life under control before I invite a whole bunch of people into my home and provide snacks and all that. Also, since M started preschool, I'm less concerned about social opportunities for her. Luckily some of the moms I really like have had new babies too within the past several months, so I'll have some places to start when it's time for playdates for G I'm seeing one of the moms for a babies playdate next week, in fact.

Also, we live across the street from a park, so that's a nice draw for hosting casual get togethers once they get big enough to enjoy the swings and such.

I was hoping to get into postpartum yoga and socialize with some other news moms that way, but my physical therapist says I shouldn't do any yoga for a long time it would be too easy to mess things up again. Probably by the time I'm ready to do a serious exercise class, it will be a little late to do any "postpartum" type class - it will be at least several months until I'm ready for a regular group class, possibly more like a year. Oh well.

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