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September 2nd, 2013, 03:02 AM
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I'm here!!
I'm doing good. Everything is great with Madeline. We have to go back to the dr. This week to check up since they put her on more meds for reflux. She's on reglan and zantac now. poor baby :-(....

My favorite part about being a mommy is just being with them each day and giving them so much love and having them give it right back. I love how they love unconditionally just like I love them.

Its the little things that melt my heart....mason singing to me last night. The random I love you mom from my older boys...I love story time at night and movie time with my older ones. I love getting in the kitchen and involving them to cook I love being a mommy so much. I know I'm not a perfect mom but I just pray that I don't mess up too much raising them. As long as there's lots of love I think that everything will turn out just fine

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