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September 2nd, 2013, 12:37 PM
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That looks awesome! What are you going to do about sodium?

This is SO sneaky, but one day I was really curious about the pH of DH's sperm, so I snuck into the bathroom and tested some it after he "pulled out." It came back super blue*— really high, like 9ish — on my strip. Hoping the cranberry brought it down. (NOTE: DH is aware that we're swaying pink, but he doesn't like it when I talk about it before or after DTD. He wants intimacy to stay separate — that's why I had to sneak.)

My South African male friend gave me the ole traditional advice: Send DH to the spa for 10 minutes with a few cold ones on the night of DTD. He has a girl. LOL. We'll do that next time.

Good luck!
I love my baby boy!

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