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September 2nd, 2013, 11:03 PM
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First kiss - was in his bedroom haha
First date - We went and played miniature golf and went to a carnival and then went to dinner at a Chinese restaraunt and then to a movie. We attempted to see Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas but a tornado hit 20 minutes into the movie and tore the roof off the movie theaters roof. We then drove back home thru pitch blackness around downed trees and stoplights.
How often do we hold hands - Not as often anymore as usually we both have a kid in our arms but I would say we hold hands when we can or when we are in the car. Its one PDA we both love.
Best gift - Hmm this is hard. He usually gets me some sort of jewelry every birthday and always gets me tons of books/DVDs/CDs for Xmas and amazing anniversary and valentines gifts. He even gets me presents on Easter. But I think my favorite gift he ever got me was this tiny little black fuzz ball kitten. Her name was Delilah but we called her Chicken cause she was a big scaredy kitten. She had F.I.V although we didn't know it at the time. She ended up being this fat marshmallow of a cat with little short legs. She was my best friend. I lost her due to pneumonia complications when I was five months pregnant with jade. I had her for ten wonderful years. I still miss that fat lover cat everyday.
Weird traditions-inside jokes. And I give him a stuffed animal sheep/lamb once a year. Because when I first told him I love you he love sheep? Baaa. You love ewes. So I seen a cute stuffed lamb and gave her to him. She had a bow around her neck and was very cute. He named her Mutton and actually slept with her every night til one night her head popped off in the night. I sewed her back together just fine but he is scared to ruin her now. She is still the favorite out of them all.

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