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September 3rd, 2013, 05:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Mrs.Julie View Post
Just curious if you are going to try to conceive with the Chinese gender chart in mind?
No. lol It said George would be a girl, lol. Also there are a few different versions of the chart out there. Some with corrected lunar age, so you have to do your own corrected age, etc. Its also been wrong with a few of my other kids too.

Originally Posted by Mrs.Julie View Post
Also, why the abstaining? 2 of my girls were conceived with daily bd over the course of...well, constantly.
Abstaining 7+ days reduces sperm count. I don't think we will abstain longer then 10 if needed. What you did was frequent release. That also cuts sperm count, but between my work schedule and DH's work schedule, FR wont happen. Its been shown DTD every couple days is best for boys.

Originally Posted by Mrs.Julie View Post
Also, why no snacking? Any why skip breakfast?
Snacking keeps your blood sugar higher signaling you are in good times and that now is a good time to conceive a boy versus conceiving a girl. Low blood sugar levels signal hard times and better times to have a girl. Skipping breakfast - I'm not entirely sure on this one. I know part of it has to do with the fortified cereals upping nutrients, part of it has to do with increased calorie and fat intake, and I think the other part has to do with keeping your blood sugars low. I think I read you can actually skip lunch or dinner instead but its usually easier to skip breakfast. When I had my boys I ate breakfast every morning, had a lot of snacks and high calorie/high fat snacks and foods, I ate cereal for breakfast and if I didn't have time to cook dinner, I would sometimes just make a bowl of cereal when I got home late from work.

Originally Posted by Mrs.Julie View Post
Sorry, all the questions but the more I look the more I realize I actually am very much made to make boys! So why all the girls??? I'm going to intensify my boy swaying in November it just seems a lot of that sway stuff for girl, I was doing the opposite and got all girls anyway. So maybe I need to sway girl to get a boy?
I wouldn't try to sway pink if you are going for a boy. That's not how it works. Here's some info for you on swaying blue. TTC a BOY LIBRARY I haven't really researched a lot on boy sways since I'm swaying pink, I just know what I've read from the pink side that says not to do this or that or it sways the opposite. I do know you want to do a lot of red meat, high fat milk, lots of vitamins/supplements, etc.
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