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September 3rd, 2013, 08:28 AM
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16 weeks 3 days

Whoa! I haven't updated in 2 weeks! I thought it was just a few days ago. Time is going way too fast.

On Sunday we found out we are having another little boy. I'm pretty happy with this. I think it's going to be awesome for Frankie to have a brother so close on age. The new little one's name is Ronin Avery, John picked it out and I love it. It means little seal and is an Irish name. I can't believe I'm having another boy! If he's anything like Frankie, I'm going to have my hands full this time next year because Frankie is a wild child. So, my mom, dad, sister, John, Frankie and I all went to the ultrasound, it was pretty good. The baby was very wiggly so it took a while to get a good potty shot. As soon as she started, I was thinking to myself, "I see boy parts"..I saw it pretty much right away. She waited till she got a good angle to tell us. Then we got to see Ronin in 3D, he looks pretty darn cute already..even though he kept his arm in front of his face the entire time. lol. My mom she can be annoying sometimes, she was too busy playing with Frankie to pay attention. When we were done she said to me "I wish we could have seen him in 3D" lol..I was like "we did"....After i kept asking everyone "It's obviously a boy right? That won't change to girl parts?"...haha. Anyway, it was great and I'm so ready to start painting and decorating the nursery!!!!!

I also can't believe it's almost to the half way point! Almost 17 weeks already. It is crazy.
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