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September 3rd, 2013, 09:06 AM
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Ugh. And now depending on what they say at the consult, I may have to be transferred to the high-risk OB and not have the doctor I've chosen AT ALL. I chose her because of her disposition (very much like a midwife) and because she's done so many successful VBACs!

Now I have to wait for the stupid hospital to call so I can schedule the consult with them this week or next week. And hubbie is all up in my grill because he needs to know ASAP (well I can't tell him anything until they freaking call me!). My daughter starts school tomorrow, which is going to make appointments an hour drive away crazy to try to schedule (I had all the ones at the doctor scheduled for perfect times), so she may need to be taken out of school early for some because we have no one else to pick her up at school when it releases at 3 if I'm stuck in another city with added appointments.


I have too much to get done today, can't find the school supplies check list so I can gather things, and am falling apart due to these stupid GD issues.

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