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September 3rd, 2013, 09:48 AM
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McKinley has had a stuffy nose for the past few days but no big deal, easy to take care of with saline and the nose bulb. Well yesterday I could not make her happy no matter what I tried (very unusual for my always happy and easy going baby). She woke up at 2:30am running a temp of 101.6!!! Tylenol broke her fever but it came right back just in time for another dose so I got her into the dr first thing this morning.

Good news is her ears look great and her lungs sound wonderful. She basically just has some virus that will have to run its course. Bad news is she is slipping even farther down the growth chart with her weight . Last month, at her 2 month well check, she weighed 9lbs 6oz and was in the 8th percentile. Today, a month later, she is only 10lbs 3oz and is down to the 3rd percentile. Luckily, her dr is very supportive of breastfeeding and is very familiar with how tiny my kids tend to be and with how slowly they tend to grow. She wants me to continue breastfeeding BUT since I'm going back to work this week and Mac will be getting pumped milk in a bottle during the day, she wants me to "beef it up" a bit to give her extra calories. Basically, I am supposed to add 1 tsp of formula powder to 3 oz of breast milk in order to bump the calories from 20/oz to 24/oz. she said we should try this for a month and reevaluate at her 4 mo well check. If at that time she is gaining well, we may back off but her dr has zero fear of her getting fat at this point lol.

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