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September 3rd, 2013, 09:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Joanne Nicole View Post
Sadly, my fur baby passed away when I was 8 months pregnant. Molly was such a good little mama cat when Fiona was a baby, and she spent many many hours perched on my growing tummy this time around. I know she would have been wonderful with Finn and I'm sad that he doesn't get to grow up with her like Fiona did.

My cousin - who is a naturopath and midwife, very into metaphysical/spiritual stuff - said that it's actually very common for older pets to pass while their owner is pregnant. She said Molly knew that I needed to pour all my love into my new baby and that it would be harder on me if she passed when I had a newborn.

That's very interesting as I had one of my fur babies pass when I was pregnant with DD. And I just figured it was some sort of cosmic exchange that maybe I had to loose Delilah in order to get Jade. That Kittie wasn't old though she had feline aids and died of pneumonia complications. We also had a really ancient old cat that was DHs that I thought would pass when I was preg with DD but she hung on til after DD was born and looked after DD every day and finally passed when DD was 9 months. She was 21 and a half. The night before she passed she actually curled up next to DD and slept there all night and wouldn't leave DDs side. She didn't go off and hide. She passed on the floor just a few feet away from DD the next afternoon. I* was actually terrified when I was pregnant with DS that is loose another furkid and when Malachai got attacked by the pit bull I used to have I was so scared that Is loose him too again in some sort of cosmic exchange.

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