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September 3rd, 2013, 01:06 PM
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Melissa, I'm glad y'all had a great time. It wasn't quite the same here without you

Joy my fingers and toes are crossed that the prevacid improves things greatly! I was really hoping things would much better by now.

I'm doing okay. I've been a little more paranoid lately... I really need to cut it out. I'm hoping I have some "fluff mail" coming today. My niece sent me a little package of cloth diapers her son out grew, so I'm excited to receive it. I'm stalking the mail man but we usually don't get mail until around 4pm (2 more hours). DH has barely touched his birthday cake which is torture for me because I fantasize about shoving my face in it. I've had a piece everyday the past 4 days and, well, 2 pieces yesterday. Lol I've been pretty bad with junk food lately. I need to get back into my fruits and veggies routine.

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