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September 3rd, 2013, 01:29 PM
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So last month we did an unmedicated IUI and it didn't work. We are now waiting to do our second IUI and this cycle we did a 50mg dose of Clomid (cd5-9). I just had my cd12 ultrasound this morning, but the doctor wasn't my normal doc and wasn't very talkative compared to my regular doc. She was a little rushed as well as they were a little backed up when I was there, but she said overall everything looked good. I will talk to my regular doc in the next couple days but thought I'd get your ladies thoughts on my results. She said that I had 4 follicles, three that were mature at 21.5, 24, and 21 and one that was not mature at 12. She said my lining was an 11 and three lines (not sure what this means). She then looked at my file and said she is a little concerned about my thyroid, it was at 2.65 on 6/25/13, and wants to put me on some meds for it (she redid my bloodwork to check it again). I had talked about my thyroid with my regular doc and she said it was fine where it was and I didn't need to be on meds. If the doc I saw today wants me to go on it, I will talk to my regular doc first, but what do you ladies think? The doc today then tried to tell me I needed to have my IUI tomorrow even though I didn't get a positive opk yet (and I have been). I asked her about it and if I should wait for my positive opk and she took her time before saying it would be okay to wait, but when I asked if I needed to do it sooner and why she didn't seem to have an answer for me. Should I have just done the IUI tomorrow instead of waiting (I expect to O by this weekend)?

Sorry for all of that. It wound up being more than I planned to write. I just want to make sure this cycle is still on track since it is my first one on Clomid.

TIA ladies!
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