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September 3rd, 2013, 01:51 PM
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Hi Everyone, I'm new to the boards. I went off the pill in April. I don't know exactly which date, then I got married in May. My periods returned to normal in June or July. They seemed a bit closer together than normal and I have to be honest that I've never been someone who kept track. I'm now 35 years old. For my past two cycles, i got my period on around July 5th, then it ended probably around July 8th. I then got a period on July 25th, that lasted around 5 days. Then I got my most recent period on August 20th and it ended August 25th. Based on what I've charted, my fertile days are now. It said they were between Aug 29th and sept 4th. so we're trying to have relations (sorry still learning the acronyms) on our fertile days. Up until this month I dont know that we were ever having it on the correct days since I've been off the pill. I guess I'm worried since I'm idea how long this is going to take. I will add that I was pregnant at 30 with my now husband and I ended the pregnancy back then (he and i had recently met and didnt know where things were going, sorry to anyone who is sensitive to that) so we could get pg back then in just one cycle, but I have no idea how long it will take now or if I'll need assistance.

I have a dr's appt on Saturday. From what I've been reading online it sounds like I shouldnt worry until about 6 months?
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