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September 3rd, 2013, 02:02 PM
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So jealous of an 11 for your lining! Mine was only 7.5 even for my FET when I was injecting Estrogen and shoving pills up my hoo-hah...I would have killed for an 11

The upper limit for TSH for the first trimester of pregnancy is 2.5...if it is higher it can increase your chances of miscarriage. I think it is great that your doctor wants to get your levels managed asap! Just remember to get it checked frequently when you are pregnant so your meds can be adjusted as necessary.

I'm also guessing that they were wanting to do the IUI sooner because of follie size. Have your docs talked to you about a trigger shot? The shot is only around $50 out-of-pocket and completely takes the guesswork out of the timing.

Good luck!! I hope we are celebrating your BFP very soon!

Melissa & DH
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