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September 3rd, 2013, 03:04 PM
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I've been with my bf for 5 years and we have a son that will be 3 later this month. We are both in our mid twenties, and our son was not planned, but we both adore him so much. Anyhow, rewind a few years back to when our relationship was simple I loved my bf so much, I couldn't wait to see him and I'd get butterflies and feel minty purple inside, however time has passed and since having our son, I've been less intetested in my bf. I dont really miss him while he's at work, I don't care about his interests, he isn't very attractive to me anymore, and stuff of that sort.

I've noticed this for about 2 1/2 years now, but it wasn't until around last year that it progressively got worse.

We got into a really bad argument, so bad where he was in my yelling at the top of his lungs cornering me into a wall right in front of my son while he was in the bath screaming and crying in fear. I flipped out and threatened my bf, so he used physocal force and to make a long story short. ..he hurt me phsyically. He's done so before, but not like this particular incident; this took the cake.

I was close to leaving but chose to give him a second chance if he were to change and he has.

Now, so my problen is that ever since feelings for him are just not the same. I've forgiven him, but I feel emotionally scarred. Possibly even ptsd because when we have any arguments where he raises his voice, I automatically think he's going to hurt me.beside him ever being physical with me, he tends to throw things, break things, punch walls, scream so loud and scary.

I love him so much, but I know I dont love him the way I should.

Our lives are getting back on track after being in a slump, and our next step is house shopping because we've been renting with his mother. I'm just not so sure its what I want after all...but my son loves him so much and I'd feel lost if I left him and live alone with my son. Please, anybody have any advice? ??
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