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September 3rd, 2013, 04:09 PM
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First off 121 or 124 are not high by any account. These glucometers have a 10% error margin, so that 5-10 pts here and there are fine so long as you're not seeing super high numbers.
Fasting is the hardest to deal with and correct because u simply can't fast any more than you're fasting... it's not about giving up on a few more grams of carbs at a meal....

I haven't been able to get my fasting down no matter what I tried, but I know others who have.

Here are some tricks that may work for you

1. If you have energy and time, take a half hour walk after dinner, for some this stimulate sinsulin production enough over the night time to counter act the dawn effect

2. Have a snack right before bedtime. Make sure it consists of one serving of carbs about 15 grams (1 slice of bread preferrabky whole wheat for example) and a generius serving of fat - peanut butter, butter, avocado, cream cheese, tehina, whatever your fancy. Theoretically the fat creates a very slow carb absorbtion which also counter acts the dawn phenomenon. This wirks for a lot of gd ladies I know and is recommended by gd dietitian s.

3. Finally, this is the only thing that has ever worked for me personally and I just happened to stumble upon it after a barbq at the beachbone night... eat a lot of meat for dinner. I mean a huge steak or a few good servings of chicken or turkey for example. No carbs other than veggies with that. Basically do atkins for dinner (just dinner. Eat regularly the remainder of the day)

After measuring 110-120 for 2 weeks in a row, I woke up with 97 the morning after our barbecue. I tried it again and got the same results. Unfortunately, I still couldn't get it below the 90 my docs want it at so I have to be on meds.

I totally You about being disappointed. Trust me I feel your pain. But you can't help what you can't help... u know what I mean? So no sense eating yourself about it.

I hope you wake up with 82 tomorrow morning

And again sorry for the typos- I can't for the life of me get used to this virtual keyboard on my tablet and I have no patience to correct it either....

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