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September 3rd, 2013, 05:47 PM
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Thanks ladies, I appreciate the input! I did like this doctor, she just had such a different personality than my regular, I think I was caught off guard with it. I have talked to my regular doctor about the trigger shot and she said because I am O-ing on my own and fairly predictably, I don't need the trigger shot - and today's do for said the same thing, so no trigger shot for me right now.

I didn't realize that was the size of the follies they look for. I asked the doc if the follies were the right size and she said yes. When she brought up the IUI tomorrow, I did ask about the follies getting bigger and if it was okay for me to wait for a surge on my own, and she said yes. But should I be worried about them getting bigger? Is there a size when they become "too big" and I am waiting to O on my own? Did that make any sense, haha, I hope so! I am going to call my regular doctor, she should be back in the office tomorrow afternoon, and talk about it all with her too. Not that I don't appreciate your ladies opinions (I totally do!), but I am comfortable with my regular do for and just want to go over it with her too.

And yay for my lining! I knew I needed a "good" number but had no idea what the three lines meant, so I'm glad it is all good stuff! We have also been BD every other day (the do for today yay-ed this!) and will continue past our IUI like the last one. So hopefully one of these times is "the time" for this cycle!

Thanks for the support ladies, I appreciate it so much!!!

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