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September 4th, 2013, 06:08 AM
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Good morning!

Long time no see! How is everyone making out? How are your kids doing with the changes, Kim? Way to go James! Is he still having accidents? Holly, I'm sure would be having accidents is she were at preschool.

How was your date, Jennifer? And how did your aunt do one your uncles birthday? Did you have the cake with her?

O is doing well with grade 1. The teacher is kind of known as a bit of a grump but the kids all love her, so there ya go. That's all that matters.

We've been given a chance to go away for a few days to a cottage with my SIL next week. She doesn't want to go alone and it's a beautiful place. Problem? O would have to miss, like, 4 days of school...worst idea ever? I'm not worried about the missed school work as much as I am worried about him feeling lost when he comes back...I dunno. Opinions?

Have a great day! Hope all the little schoolers are doing well

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