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September 4th, 2013, 05:07 PM
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I sent u an email not sure if u got it cause it wouldn't let me pm u on here. But omg. I can't believe they could actually tell u to do that. That breaks my heart. The ladies are right only u can make this choice. But you are already feeling strongly that u don't want to terminate an are depressed im afraid it will be 10 times worse if u do go through with it. I'm sorry if that's out of line to say but omg this is a life. I'm sorry. I personally know a lady that for yrs tried to have a baby an was finally told by her dr that she could never have a baby. Then a 19yr old girl that was date raped and got pregnant could not go through with terminating gave her the baby. That baby is sooooo spoiled an her birth mom keeps in contact with my friend to find out how Kayla is an also sends her things. So please consider giving the baby to a woman like my friend that longs sooooo much for a baby before u consider terminating, I'm sooooo sorry if anything I say offends u but I feel I have to give u my opinion. I had my son at 16 so I know how scary it can be. I had to get on food stamps and Medicaid, but I did it. Please talk to any of us on here if you need to an as much as u need to. Don't be afraid to tell us anything. That's what we are here for to support each other in the good an bad times. I'm praying sooooo hard for u
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