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September 4th, 2013, 06:10 PM
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I've never been really active here and haven't been here at all in quite some time, I hope you don't mind me answering We are having #5 in December. We actually just purchased a nissan NV 12 passenger. but until we decided to do that we had a ford freestar that seats 7. We could get 3 in the back with diono radians. They are super slim and also have very high rear facing weight limits which is very important to me. I did load kids through the back hatch and while it wasn't delightful I was more concerned about the kids being safe. I just wanted to share some links with you that I gathered a while ago when I wrote a post to share with my friends and family about car seat safety. I can share that to if you want to read it. While radian's are somewhat expensive, when your alternative is a different vehicle it really isn't that much, even if you need 3. I will say 3 radian's were the only thing that fit in the rear of my van. Here are the links- Extended Rear Facing
Truth About Extended Rear Facing
CPSafety - Your online child passenger safety resource
The Importance of Rear-Facing - YouTube
Joel's Journey
6-Year-Old's Death Can Be Booster Seat Lesson for Moms | The Stir
Car seat expiration - YouTube
Awareness: Car Seat Safety && Isabelle Broadhead Story - YouTube
Please don't make the decision to booster early or just use the seatbelt without being sure you understand the risks. I know it is frustrating and stressful to find out that your vehicle which seems like a great family vehicle can't seem to hold your family. There are solutions if you look for them- checkout car seats for the littles on facebook for many ideas on appropriate seats and how to fit them in your exact vehicle, I've had a lot of great help there. If you want send me a pm and I would love to help you out!
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