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September 5th, 2013, 07:45 AM
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Do you ever just break down and cry at random? Last night after I got Zoe to sleep I was laying in bed and just burst into tears thinking of just anything and everything my failed marriage, this pregnancy this babys father just every mistake I have ever made and I just prayed and prayed and finally cried my self to sleep. This morning after I got to work I was sitting at my desk and just burst into tears I tried to give myself a pep talk cuz I didnt want everyone worrying and asking what was wrong. I have a lot on my mind and I swear every day is a battle to stay strong and not just break down and give up. This baby's father is back with his ex wife which is fine I dont want to be with him i dont want him to even be involved because he is on drugs but the fact that she told me I was a fool and sent me so many messages about him being messed up and how she was afraid of him and then a few weeks later she post pics of them on facebook saying me and my husband with a big heart and sends me a message saying the want to help raise this baby yet when i was with him she told me I would never be allowed around her kids. Im sorry for rambling I just want to know what you guys do if you have a breakdown or meltdown esp in public and you start crying how do you get yourself to stop thinking negative and just get back on track?

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