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September 6th, 2013, 11:21 AM
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DH has been bringing up the topic of moving a few times already, but we had a full blown conversation the other day about if I think I can handle moving end of November or sometime in December (my due date is Jan 10th). We aren't 100% sure yet if we are going to move right before baby gets here or wait until after but we both think it would be "easier" to do it before. We have so much crap... A 2 car garage FULL of it. There's not even room to park in the garage so we use the drive way. I'm going to start attempting to clean, organize and throw stuff away (donate the good stuff) each day while DH is at work. It's a huge job. Ugh, why are we such pack-rats?!? We have two sheds in the backyard full of junk and christmas/halloween/thanksgiving/easter decorations. I feel like organizing and packing up our stuff is going to take AT LEAST 3 months on it's own. Oh me oh my!!

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