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September 6th, 2013, 11:27 AM
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I have wondered for years (been around JM for about 7 years total) if I'm the only one...

When I see people post their PG tests and everyone says, "congrats," "I see a BFP!," etc when I personally don't see a thing. Sometimes it clearly looks negative.

Now don't get me wrong.. It's not that I'm mean and hoping they get negatives, and I'm not being jealous. I also understand that sometimes it may look positive in person and negative in a picture. But I don't understand if these ladies that comment REALLY see something I don't, or if they're fluffing the poster. Also, I always just move on and don't say anything... I don't want to be that one person to burst a bubble. IF I ever say anything I say something like, "hoping for the best! Maybe retest soon"

Am I the only one to notice this trend? If not, do you comment in any way or leave it be?

Now I feel mean.. :-/ but I'm not. I just feel IF something is a BfN then they're setting the woman up for an extra hurtful fall.

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