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September 6th, 2013, 02:00 PM
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Hahahah That's some good motivation Joy! LOL, although I might get a little angry and start breaking stuff

The dump charges money for you to drop junk off there. I have no idea how much. I imagine it's not a lot, but still, right now it would be wise for us to save every penny. My mom lives really close. Mom's house is about a 7-10 min drive from here. She sent me an email saying I could bring over my trash and leave it on her curb for the garbage guys to haul away on her trash pick up days. They don't have a bunch of restrictions like our neighborhood has. Plus I think they have heavy trash pick up 1 time a week instead of our measly 1 time a MONTH schedule. It's an option. Oh if only there was an "easy" button...

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