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September 6th, 2013, 03:45 PM
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So the hospital called me back. They don't actually HAVE Ob's here, they use all Midwives and only do low risk deliveries. I'll have to go to LaCrosse/Onalaska for Ob care. Which isn't a huge deal, that's where I go shopping since this town doesn't have many stores... just frustrating that they couldn't have told me that when I called last week.

I dislike that the mayo system doesn't have an actual section devoted to their OB's. You can just view a profile and a phone number.

The other clinic is a Lutheran clinic, the Gundersen clinic and they do everything from pre-teens to IVF. Center for Women - Gundersen Health System - La Crosse, Wisconsin

I called, tentative appointment for The 19th.. but a Nurse will be calling me back to confirm. Something about not sure if they'll have the right people for my case? argh. I'm so sick of this BS. I am a woman, I have woman parts, they don't work. I just want someone to find out WHY. I'm not asking for IVF, or IUI or even drugs.. I just want to work as right as my body can.

It seemed like everything was fine until she asked if I'd ever been pregnant and I told her we've had miscarriages. Apparently OB's don't deal with miscarriages? Hopefully all she means is I need to go to LaCrosse instead of Onalaska.. it's like an extra 10 miles... whoop de freakin do.

And now I want ice cream and I can't have it and that's making me even more upset. And I want to go home to Canada where my doctor would have handled all this calling around for me.. and I can't do that either.
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