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September 6th, 2013, 09:11 PM
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With my first I knew he was a girl. It wasnt even that I wanted a girl. I just knew that baby was a girl. Every thought, every dream, every hope for the future, my child was a girl. So when she turned out to be a she I was in shock & I mourned my girl. It was strange to me b/c I actually wanted a boy t begin with but had such a strong "mother's instinct" that it was a girl, I planned my life with this girl. It took a little bit but I got over it & I wouldn't change my boy (soon to be 2 boys) for anything. Little boys are amazing, you are going to love it. But you already fell in love with your girl, so take the time you need to mourn that loss. Once you meet your baby boy, he'll make you forget all about it!

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