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September 7th, 2013, 05:53 AM
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Originally Posted by milosmom812 View Post
Just so you know, Britax is a leader in the industry when it comes to safety features. For every car seat model they make, they crash test SIXTY of them. They test everything on the seat physically and they test for misuse (like improper installation, etc). I chose Britax because of the innovative safety features (integrated steel bars, side impact protection, and energy absorbing versa tether). You can find out more about their safety features here on their website. They have lots of great videos available that explain their idea of "safety you can see." I am a member of the BRITAX Safety Squad - opinions expressed here are my own.
It's hard to consider your post as valid since it is incredibly biased. If you work for Britax, then of course Britax is the best. Every other car seat manufacturer is equally safe, or their seats would not be available for sale. They all absorb crash forces differently. Steel bars and the versa tether are manifested in other ways in other seats. As far as side impact protection, there are no national standards for that. It might just be a gimmick!

It doesn't help to shame parents into thinking that they must buy a Britax because they're "the leader in the industry when it comes to safety features". That statement is simply untrue. If they were the leader, they would have seats that allow ALL children to RF comfortably to age 4 since research indicates RFing to 4 is safest. But at this point, their short shells and lack of leg room prohibit even the tiniest kids to get past 2.5.

FWIW, I do own a Britax, as well as a Safety 1st, 2 Graco boosters, and 3 Dionos.
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