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September 7th, 2013, 03:51 PM
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Yay for so many updates!! I'm loving all the beautiful bellies and babies!

Originally Posted by AnnaBonana View Post
Hi! I'm back! I had a miscarriage in May after I introduced myself and I never posted a good bye post. I just felt too awful.

But, DH and I conceived again and I am 9weeks 5 days today! Heading in to the safe zone!

I've had my first meeting with my midwife who seems really great so far. Next appointment I'm going to ask how hiring a doula works in our region and if there is one locally who she likes. I'd really like a doula who gets align superbly with my midwife.

So far my pregnancy looks good and I hope I'll be able to stick around this time!
I'm so sorry for your loss Congratulations on your rainbow baby and welcome back!

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