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September 8th, 2013, 10:38 AM
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Hi! This is my first post so I may not know all the lingo so bear with me! I got my copper iud removed 8/27 and my period had started 8/23. My husband and I started trying immediately. According to normal ovulation calendars I should have ovulated this week so I tested all week and negatives for all. Last Tuesday though, 9/4 I was at a restaurant that I normlly love and the smell of the seafood I ordered sent me running. Since then I've had some pressure feelings in my lower conter abdomen and been feeling very off my normal. Last night 9/8 I woke up with bad cramps in the same central spot and stomach issues with nausea. Now I have a pulling feeling in the same spot. Those cramps were as bad as a normal period and that has never happened other than night 1 or two after starting. My expected period is 9/20. What do you think? Could I have ovulated early and already feeling it?
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