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September 8th, 2013, 11:32 AM
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I have started taking a daily vitamin, and following the "boy sway diet"... I just turned 32, do not smoke & rarely drink (will NOT be drinking at all from here on out), and am in good health. I want to lose some weight to get my BMI to 24 (should only take 2-4 weeks, I only need to lose a little bit), which I intend to do by mild calorie restriction (until close to O, then I'll bump up my diet by about 400 calories to comply with the increased calories called for with the boy sway diet) & 30 minutes of walking every day. I am already pretty active & healthy, but am trying to get my body ready to be able to hopefully conceive asap & have a healthy baby. I am concerned about miscarriage, but suppose there isn't a lot I can do to prevent early ms between 6-12 weeks (I read that it usually happens because of chomosomal mistakes)... but are there steps I can take to help prevent miscarriage/stillbirth/etc throughout the entire pregnancy? I will not be running or riding any of my horses, what else can I do to minimize risks?
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