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September 8th, 2013, 03:48 PM
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So I was doing another thread talking about bath time and it got me to use time wisely these days, I have been doing single file line for bath time.

I let the water run and take the shower head to use for rinsing. I dont let the water stand in the tub and I wash DS alone then after him I start with the girls. but the line is continous with the girls.

DD1 was taking showers by herself but that was short lived. Her hair falls below her bottom so its very long and hard for her to wash alone and the shampoo kept getting in her eyes...but anyhow thats another story..

Bath time is crazy time and i just really want to make this time as smooth as can be.

So my Q is, how do YOU manage bath time with alot of young ones?

( Obvisiously this only applies to my 5 littles and not my 3 older ones! )
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