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September 8th, 2013, 04:48 PM
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Oh babywearing, yay We have: a maya wrap ring sling, an Ergo performance (it is made of mostly nylon-ish material and is a lot cooler in the heat than a normal ergo), a Boba, a Babyhawk mei tai, a woven wrap, and a water wrap. Too many carriers is just enough for me!! I like different things at different stages.

I got the woven too late in the game for M, she was old enough to fight it and be a problem (about 10 months old) and I couldn't get her to cooperate enough for me to get over the learning curve. BUT it is my FAVORITE with G... it takes longer to put on but is by far the most comfortable carrier of all. It took maybe 5-10 different occasions of attempting to use it before I got the hang of it and developed a wrapping technique that works for me, but now that I'm over the hump, I love love love it. I watched a lot of videos on youtube to learn how to do it.

I had thought that the mei tai would be the best of both worlds, easier than a wrap but more versatile with the long straps to mess with. I did like it for awhile with M and I could carry her pretty high on my back in it. But the straps are narrow and can cut into you. The babyhawk has padded shoulders (as does my Maya wrap RS) and I truly wonder how people live without this, maybe I have bonier shoulders than some, or bigger babies, I don't know. But for now, it's not the greatest fit with G, I'm not using it a ton. He is still little though.

I love the Boba for quick and easy carrying and especially for shopping, it has the GENIUS detail of little snapping tabs on the shoulders that can hold your purse strap. I find it fits my body a little better than the Ergo and it has a really tall panel on it, great for a big toddler, but somehow little 2 month old G also fits into it really well, without the newborn fold down feature in use. DH prefers the Ergo for whatever reason, so we keep the Boba straps tightened just right for me, and the Ergo adjusted for him.

I haven't been using the sling yet with G. I like it with a bigger infant that has head control and wants to look around, but isn't TOO heavy yet. Easy to pop in and out and have them on my hip. I used it a lot with M for a few months (maybe 5-8 months or so) but once she got too big, it killed my shoulder.

Oh and we also have a big Kelty baby backpack. Great for big babies and toddlers to look around, they sit high up on your back and the pack has an external frame. It is more suited to a man's body because the hip strap doesn't carry most of the weight, baby is so high up that your shoulders/upper body bear a lot of the weight, and it helps to have somewhat broad shoulders. Grandpas and daddy love the backpack and M still rides in it often, it is the only form of baby carrier that she still accepts.

So after that novel I would recommend for you, either a performance or sport Ergo, or a Boba just because it's my favorite. It is hard to beat a soft structured carrier for overall usability. If I had just one, it would be one of these. If the heat is your main concern, I'd get a breathable type of Ergo.

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