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September 8th, 2013, 08:39 PM
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(Other than Zane of course)
Sooooooooooooo weird! Sending them off that first morning was like an out of body experience. lol We've homeschooled for nine years now. I completely support and promote homeschooing and now here I am sending my kids to public school. But for us, right now, it is the best choice. And they are LOVING it. They are doing fantastic--academically, emotionally, socially....

In middle school they place you in a class based on your standardized test scores from last year. I wish they had talked to me a little more before placing Belle, but I think this will be fine. They put her in the middle level class for ELA and social studies. And those are her best subjects. lol She should have been in the highest level classes for those probably, but she loves her teachers and this will be fine. I had talked to them some about math in the spring. Last year there had been a per-algebra class or a regular math class for 7th graders. I wanted Belle to be in the pre-algebra class for sure. But this year they are doing things differently. I like the idea behind what they are doing this year and hope it works out well. For this first learning standard the students were placed based on their test scores as aforementioned, but henceforth they will be tested on each standard and placed according to their knowledge of that standard. I think that makes a lot of sense. You can be great at algebra, but not so good at geometry. Right now Belle has only been graded on one math assignment and got 100%! Yay! And then they had a challenge sheet, which hasn't been fully graded. The teacher had everyone read their answers aloud. And so many of the students got the first problem wrong that the teacher gave them the weekend to review the first challenge problem. I looked it over after Belle did it and I'm 99% certain she got the correct answer. But only one other student in the class said the same answer as her aloud. So if she is right only two of them were correct. But I can't see where she could have gone wrong with what she did. And the second challenge problem enough of them got it correct that the teacher did reveal the answer. Belle got that correct. I'm relieved that she is doing well.

And Ryllan had a long reading/language test. I don't know what his grade was because they didn't send it home, but he saw that he only had two wrong out of all the questions. And he said there was a LOT of questions. I'm guessing the test was to see where each student is currently on their reading/language skills. Probably for placement in which level they will start them in. Ry had a math test Friday and hasn't found out how he did on it. He said he ran out of time when he was on the last question and wasn't able to finish it. The school does Everyday Math vs. traditional math. We've always done traditional math, so I'm not sure how he will place on the Everyday Math test. But he is quite good at math, so I think once the year gets going it won't take his teacher long to realize that even if he didn't place high on the Everyday Math placement test. I thinks he did pretty good though.

Finn told me they had him read a list of words and that he knew many of them. But other than that I'm not sure what he has done other than make an apple book and a Happy Grandparents Day card. Oh, he won the game they played in gym his first day. lol That was his favorite part of the first day. He is quite a bit ahead in math, but I don't think they've done much for math yet. And I expect it will be very simplistic math once they do start. I hope that if he isn't getting what he needs in math to grow that they will do some differential things with him, but if not then I will do some math with him at home.

Once the kids leave on the school bus, Zane and I cuddle on the couch and I read to him for an hour. It is so nice!!!!! Love my one-on-one time with him.

Okay, this a book now. Sorry it is so long. In short, all is going well. lol

Pics...not the best of the boys especially, but it is what I got before the buses came.


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