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September 8th, 2013, 09:06 PM
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We came to an agreement, and I'm holding his annoying rear to it this time.

I can see the Dr. any doctor I want. BUT, I have to wait until we have coverage. That way, hopefully some of will go towards my deductible. And I have to maintain a certain amount of our savings at all times. I cannot do anything/have anything done that would require him to miss any time at work. An hour or two is fine, but he has to be able to work 8 hours. If I need anything done it will have to wait until between jobs, or need to be done where someone else can pick me up/watch me etc.

We are purchasing insurance in October (and can't purchase before then), but I don't think our coverage kicks in until January. (still not 100% on this but no pre-existing stuff gets covered until January for sure). Which means no Ob or RE until we have official coverage. I'll still have my thyroid done of course, but I'm going to give myself 3m to try and bring down my A1C myself. So unless the Nurse has a really good sell on Monday, I will probably just cancel and let the old ob run the thyroid bloodwork at the end of the month.

His requests and plans make sense, but are frustrating none the less... especially since this has been an AF from Hell. We were going to go at this cycle head on.. but I think that I'll opk and just dtd whenever Dh is up to it (he has been super tired lately and hasn't wanted to). Our Anniversary is in 2 weeks so we will just take it a day at a time.

I'm also going to try DH into another. Reme's cat had kittens... and I want one
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