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September 9th, 2013, 09:58 AM
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It went awesome! It only felt like a tiny pinch for just a second, and nothing else!! It was a weird feeling afterwards- mentally. To know that I can get pregnant now, and there's nothing "controlling" my body.. it was a weird feeling at first. Also, she told me I could go ahead and get pregnant now if I wanted as well, instead of waiting a cycle like we had thought (same thing your Dr said from what I remember!). So that was good news. I went home with the hopes that when I told DP that, he would say "OK! YAY!" But later when we DTD he grabbed a condom from our stash. lol. He asked, "Why do we have to use these all month?" I said, "We don't technically.. you're the one who wanted to wait until October instead of September..."

So, we decided we'll take it as we go this month. So maybe we'll use protection, maybe we'll do the P&P and maybe we won't take any measures... SOOOOo... me being the "planner" that I am, it's bugging me. lol. I want to say we are "TTC" or "we are TTC next month," but I can't say either I guess. I'll get over it- I'm just PMSing hardcore and have been a butthead to deal with. (Way worse than normal)

Soo, we'll see how this cycle goes! I did start my prenatals though, so it's starting to feel like it's really real.. we will really, actually be TTC soon! I can't believe it. It's scary! lol.

11/23/2015 - at 8.5 weeks
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