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September 9th, 2013, 10:09 AM
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I currently live right on the NH/VT border. Previously we lived in rural Maine for a few years. I grew up in the suburbs outside of Boston, but lived in cities from age 18-30. I definitely miss the city, but I work from home and find it a bit isolating. My experience in this town vs. the Maine town has been a little different. Because this town serves an "elite" college and hospital, it has a lot of people from around the country and world and has a fairly big transitional population. The town in Maine had a much larger population of people who had never left the area and had all the same friends since high school. Nothing that made them less cool people, but for an outsider moving in, it was much harder to meet people, whereas here there are lots of people looking for new friends. Also, our current area is wealthier and has a lot of activities (museums, playgroups, music classes, etc.) geared towards children and a lot of opportunities to meet other mothers. The down side of the wealthy area is that we can only afford a tiny house and most people have more money than we do and there is a little bit of a feeling that your toddler should be enrolled in lots of silly things.

Where you live within the town can make a big difference too. Both our towns are similarly sized, but we lived more "in-town" in Maine, and could walk to the library and the small downtown. Here we are several miles out a dirt road and have to drive everywhere. I'm someone who likes to see people out and about, so I do miss that.

When I go to visit my SIL in New York, I am jealous of all the cool things near her, but I definitely realize I have gotten spoiled having a nice yard for our kid and dog, and it never takes more than 20 minutes to get anywhere and I don't have to climb 4 flights of stairs with groceries and a stroller. It is great have a yard and a stream and apple trees where my daughter can explore. I think it is a good stage in life to be in a more rural area.
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