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September 9th, 2013, 10:12 AM
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I'm having this problem with every single post as well, since the get-go, and most definitely have not tried to link an image - unless putting the ticker from JM in my signature counts, which honestly would be kinda cruddy since it's from this site and there are no easy-to-see rules against it!

I was really looking forward to posting here, but this is very disappointing and frustrating. It disrupts the flow and makes me feel like I don't belong, which would make it extremely hard to get to 100 from 7 (where I'll be after my hanging posts are approved, counting this). "Ooh gotta watch her, she dared to put -our- ticker in her signature!" I'm being punished for being excited that a pregnancy is finally sticking, and actually using tools provided by this site... especially annoying when there's no warning against it in signature permissions or where you get the ticker.

I've run message boards myself in the past and definitely understand the desire to keep spam down, but punishing members for unknown, unintended infractions that aren't stated anywhere I've found just doesn't seem fair. Perhaps disable signatures entirely until a person hits the desired post amount.

I certainly do not mean to step on any toes, and I'm truly sorry if I have. I'm just hormonally trying to point out how it doesn't feel "friendly" and completely detracts from the experience... especially as it takes so long for posts to be approved (my last attempts being over an hour ago, by the time mine show up the conversation has been replied to several times and I run the risk of being outdated).
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