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September 9th, 2013, 10:31 AM
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Originally Posted by jamieshalon2 View Post
I don't think I have ever really lived in a City per say. They call the area near me the City of Charlottesville, but I would never compare it to something like NY or Boston.
I live in the Suburbs of the city of Charlottesville. It is pretty rural. We have tractors driving by my house a few times a day on any given day.
I consider Charolettesville country/suburbs. I live in Northern VA so maybe my views of country/city/suburbs are completely screwed up, but I do like the suburbs a lot more. There's things to do, nice restaurants, but it's not empty. DH grew up in what I really consider the country (to me) and there's nothing to do unless you drive an hour easy, even a nice restaurant.
I think as long as you're within an hour of some city it's fine. In TN we're an hour away from Nashville and so it's nice to go there once in a while, see a museum or zoo. Same here close (far) to DC and close to an amusement park so it's not that bad if you want a day trip.
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