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September 9th, 2013, 02:05 PM
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Here is a little back story from my mother... as to why that date.
My brother is a scatter brain and probably didn't know when I was due, in fact for all he knew I might have had the baby already.. he doesn't keep in good contact and his phone number is always changing, so I get news about him the way he gets it about me... through our parents, plus he's 21, not the most responsible age for a guy, so I let it go, as he and the others get older they seem to get it more together. So I pretty much see it going like this....she tells him the date, he agrees to it.... end of story. lol.
Now what my mom said about the wedding date.... new SIL picked October 4th, which was obviously better for me, but then her mother who isn't a fan of the whole idea of her marrying my brother for whatever reason but is coming around to it, and also seems to think they are too young or something convinced her that she should wait a few more months... except that she REALLy wants an outdoor wedding, and October is the last of the 'good' months for that... so she choose to put it at the end of the month. Probably not aware at all about me. My mom did say something to them, but also didn't want to push and felt that there was enough pushing coming from SIL's mother that we don't want to cause her to get frustrated about it.. weddings are stressful enough.
I'm not SUPER close to my brother, he is 8 years younger than I am and we've always kinda fought each other, but I love him and want to be there if I'm able.

Someone mentioned the problem of people touching baby... I wear my babies and they wont be able to get close enough... I'll tell them they will get their chance to hold or touch baby at Thanksgiving, end of story, if baby has even arrived early enough for me to get there.

oh and who knows, they may still change it... I don't know.
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