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September 9th, 2013, 02:33 PM
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Do you have a date picked out: Not sure right now, it depends on when DH is away for school.

Will it be at your house or a venue: just something small at our apartment

Do you have a theme: I'm thinking ducks. Caleb has several ducks that he likes to play with, so I think he'd have fun with that

Colors: Yellow and orange

Do you have a special outfit for LO: not yet, I'm sure I'll find something on sale

Decoration ideas: rubber duckies, orange & yellow crepe paper, and balloons

Will you do a smash cake: I'm thinking of doing banana bread with a yogurt frosting instead. Same effect, less sugar. Of course, I'll probably get a little cake and ice cream for the adults, hehe

Any special birthday traditions you will start: we plan on getting Caleb a book each birthday. When he's old enough he'll get to pick it out on his birthday.

Anything else: not that I can think of
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