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September 9th, 2013, 06:51 PM
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I have lived in the country 1/2hour away from any store or restaurant I could desire, in a moderate sized city, close to everything I wanted, with a good sized yard, in a huge city where even though I was close it still took getting on the highway to get anywhere, and had a both a small apartment and later a 4 bedroom house with nice sized yard, and now in a place that boasts almost 1,000 people and is a good hour or two away from any store I want to go to.... all have their perks.
We've always tried to locate ourselves as close to DH's work as possible, regardless of the place it dropped us, it has always been a big deal that we wouldn't waste money on gas, and time he could be spending with us instead of driving to and from work. The furthest commute he's ever had was 30 mins in good traffic in the largest city we've lived in.
What I like about rural living: We actually live in a community, not all out on our own on lots of land, but the land we do live on is shared, no fences between houses, neighbors are friendly (mostly seniors) and love our kids and look out for them, and talk nicely with them when we are outside, and let them use their driveway to ride their bikes in (ours sucks for bike riding, and they are too little to use the road yet). I love the fresh air, and the trees, the walking paths when the weather is good, the fact that any outdoor activity is literally a few steps from our house, and the fact that we are able to have a small garden (wish I could go bigger and get a few chickens but the neighborhood association wont allow it.)
Things I hate about living rural: I miss Target so much! DH and I have not been on a date in forever because to be honest there isn't anywhere to go, not even a movie theater. People here are either vacationing, or have pretty well grown up here, and though you'd think with so little to do in a tiny town they'd be easy to catch up with they run themselves ragged and never have time for anyone outside of who they already know, or really are not looking for anyone to hang out with cause they wont be here more than a week. So making friends has been really HARD!!!

Things I'd look into: are there mom groups in the area? I go to a MOPS group and I love it, twice a month I get to get to know other women in similar positions as me, and get a bit of social activity. What do you enjoy doing? There may be other social things you might never have thought of... such as line dancing at the senior center... a few older ladies invited me from church and I LOVE going.. gets me a break from the kids and I get a bit of exercise while I'm at it.
How do you kill the boredom blues? go for a walk? meet up with a friend for coffee? visit your favorite store? not things you really think about when moving, but after you move you'll think a lot about them if you can't do them any more.
the move could be great, but it could also be isolating.. are you a very social person or do you spend most of your time inside alone and feel good about that? If you attend church, do you know if they have a church similar to the one you go to now? You may want to drive out there a few times and check some of them out, and get to know people and find out about local resources.
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