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September 9th, 2013, 07:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Carwen*Angel View Post
First of all, big - sorry it made you feel that way.

It certainly isn't meant as a punishment at all, but having the settings set that way does catch an awful lot of spam before members get to see it.

Once you reach 100 posts, it will stop. isawastar, certain words and also lengths of posts can trigger the system, too. If you tend towards longer posts, as I often do, that might be why. You would be surprised how quickly you will reach 100 posts! I will try and keep an eye on the approval queue, but in saying that I do work p/t and am in the UK so am on a different time zone to most.
I appreciate the reply. After reading it I started posting again, but I'm still invisible.

100 posts would happen quickly for me under normal circumstances, but it really does get frustrating when I post topics and replies and 4-6 hours later they're still not showing up. I do completely understand and appreciate wanting to keep spammers at bay, and that everyone is busy with other things in their lives so that the boards aren't always a priority... but this is a serious determent when I'm trying hard to be active and make friends. Threads I created hours ago are still held, and by the time my replies show up several replies have been made so my comments are lost. It just completely takes away the point of being a part of a community. I've not had a single post not held in moderation, and all because of my ticker! It had to be the ticker, because my posts here are by far the longest I've created. I'm already to the point of not bothering to reply because no one will notice by the time it shows up, and not checking back as often because I know there's no point in it. Otherwise, I would be here every time I took a break from my coursework (and I take frequent breaks). The point of trying to interact is completely gone though, so why bother?

My request / suggestion is to make rules easy to find so this kind of annoyance / inconvenience can be avoided by non-spammers in the future. If linking a ticker in a signature will cause this kind of headache for a newbie, disable signatures until a certain post limit or have a message there warning of what can happen. Please. Had I known, I wouldn't have done it! Intended or not, this is punishment for simply attempting to enjoy what seemed to be benefits of the boards, which I had no clue were off limits to me. My posts going into queue are annoying to me, but also making unnecessary work for mods when they happen to check. There should be some sort of option for mods/admins to "okay" a person so they don't keep falling into queue. If needed, I even have someone here on the boards I've known for over 10 years who can vouch that I'm not a spammer.

Again, I'm not trying to be a pain. From what I see of the members, this is a community I really want to be a part of, but in order to do that I need for people to actually see my posts! Not to show up after 5 or 6 people have replied after me so that I'm completely buried. The system is a bit harsh - punish the spammers, fine, but not members.
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