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September 9th, 2013, 11:39 PM
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I went in to L&D again today after I got super dizzy in the shower - it was pretty scary.

I have a pulse oxymeter, so I stuck it on my finger on the way to the bed and watched what happened. My HR was 140+ bpm. I laid down for a while and got it to drop to high-90's. I sat up and watched it quickly shoot back to 120. I tried getting dressed and was distressed when it peaked at ~150.

I called my clinic's nurse and left a message. I had friends coming over and I didn't want to bail on plans with them for no good reason, so I tried to chill out for a while waiting for the callback from the nurse.

Friends arrived, we went downtown for sandwiches (and I got to ride in a Tesla model S - it was pretty awesome). I felt pretty okay - got my favoritest sandwich ever and walked around a little bit. I'm slow and easily winded these days; not terribly surprising, I guess.

The nurse called back and told me she had to advise me to go in (as I expected), so we packed a bag (just in case) and made the drive.

Nothing. They found nothing.

By then my HR had regulated completely. I had a couple high BP readings (like just over 120) and one really low one, but otherwise everything was completely normal. Of course. But I blew 4-5 hours just being sure. *sigh*

I left feeling like I wanted to cry. I mean - I should have been elated - Baby A is happy as a clam and everything is just fine and dandy, and yet I felt horribly invalidated and like I'd wasted a day. I got some advice from the Dr about what I can do if it happens again that will hopefully prevent me from another useless trip; just... ugh! So frustrating.

Anyway, long story short: all is well, and I'm on track to stick this pregnancy out to the very last - 18 long days in the future.

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