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September 10th, 2013, 09:21 AM
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Originally Posted by walelia2 View Post
Oh wow, that would make me so mad. This is why I try to avoid paying with CC if I possibly can. It makes me very happy when online shops accept PayPal- then even if I pay with my card, they can't just rip the money in and out without having consequences. Is there something the bank can do to stop any authorizations at all from coming in from Sears?
The opposite - this is why I USE a CC. Debit cards use up your actual cash - so for example, if you have a hotel room, they'll put a big chunk on your card for a deposit. That's a big deal with debit / actual cash that goes out to paying bills. But when it's an actual credit card, you have until the next billing cycle so unless you trash the hotel room, that deposit will have come and gone without you really even knowing or being effected by it. Same with online purchasing - if there is a goof, like what happened with Sears, you aren't directly taking the hit. Plus it's a lot easier to deal with a credit card company than a bank when you're talking about "cash" vs cash.

I hope that things get figured out soon for you. If at all possible, maybe consider getting a CC to use for online purchases or something that has rewards that will work for your family - if you have monthly expenses that you always spend on it'd be great to see something back for it!
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