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September 11th, 2013, 08:29 AM
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Originally Posted by stillwaiting View Post
I agree with Melissa ...the menopur is to boost the egg quality. I've been on Menopur and Bravelle for each of my IVF cycles. Did you do lupron last time? Are you doing a lower dose this time around? What other meds are you on?

My first cycle I only got 4 eggs (I was too supressed) and the second time (in March/April) they took lupron out of the mix and I got 11 eggs.

Best of luck to you! Praying so hard you make it to retrieval. And, keep in mind..quality not quantity. I had my daughter out of that IVF with only 4 eggies

Melissa...good luck with the can do them! I give all of mine to myself too
Yes, I did Lupron last cycle and I will be on it again this cycle, which makes me a little nervous because I dont want to be over suppressed again. It will be the same does.... 10mg and then decrease to 5mg after a week depending on my first E2 test. Then I will be taking 75 of Menpour, 300 ius of Follistim and continue with lupron up until retervial. I just hope we can make it till retervial this time around.

How did everyone decide on how many eggs to transfer back in ?
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